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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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“Chief executive, there’s anyone in the Ling loved ones here to view you,” Very first Elder reacted.
“Miss Worriless, don’t worry! I am going to definitely obtain Si Yehan’s b*stard life and avenge you!” Spray of Flowers furiously shouted with clenched fists.
Ye Wanwan nodded and had Feng Xuanyi untie Squirt of Flowers.
Ye Wanwan nodded with full satisfaction. Good, he was still salvageable and wasn’t mindless beyond get rid of.
“Type in,” Ye Wanwan known as out.
“Um, just what exactly should you do now?” Apply of Flowers looked over Ye Wanwan.
“We don’t want you to check out any mountain range of swords or seas of flames…” Feng Xuanyi smiled faintly for the other man. “The future, you’ll carry Miss Worriless lower back for a prisoner. See that impostor and show him you’ve abducted the individual on her behalf.”
“Um… will you untie me? I’m a top-notch a.s.sa.s.sin, as you would expect. This isn’t too appropriate…” Squirt of Blooms required through an awkward chuckle.
The subsequent early morning, Feng Xuanyi and Spray of Plants needed a nap at work, and Ye Wanwan made use of this chance to care for some doc.you.ments from Feng Xuanyi and create a strategy to locate Ji Xiuran and also the other skipping people today.

First Elder joined work and initial investigated the loud snoring Squirt of Blossoms right before looking at Ye Wanwan in frustration.
Ye Wanwan nodded with satisfaction. Fantastic, he was still salvageable and wasn’t stupid beyond get rid of.
“I really don’t remember the past,” Ye Wanwan responded.
She wasn’t the one perplexed one Mist of Fresh flowers seemed to be bewildered.
“…” Ye Wanwan solved by using a sigh, “I’m really Worriless Nie.”
“I really don’t can recall the earlier,” Ye Wanwan reacted.
Well before she could answer, Squirt of Fresh flowers added, “You’re really Pass up Worriless, appropriate?”
“…” Ye Wanwan answered using a sigh, “I’m really Worriless Nie.”
“I honestly don’t can recall the prior,” Ye Wanwan replied.
“Providing you fully understand,” Feng Xuanyi explained.
“I actually don’t recall the past,” Ye Wanwan replied.
Ye Wanwan nodded along with Feng Xuanyi untie Squirt of Plants.
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Ye Wanwan began. Hold on… He didn’t go over this with me beforehand! Why should i get abducted?!
First Elder immediately presented Ye Wanwan a thumbs-as he exclaimed, “You’re seriously our Chief executive! Outstanding! Certainly amazing!”
Ye Wanwan nodded with total satisfaction. Excellent, he was still salvageable and wasn’t foolish beyond remedy.
“I think you.” Spray of Blossoms nodded. “Many thanks for pleading for leniency on my small behalf in the past, Neglect Worriless.”
Following Mist of Blooms determined his kinks, he sat upon a surrounding chair.
“In my opinion you.” Spray of Flowers nodded. “Be grateful for pleading for leniency on my behalf back then, Neglect Worriless.”
“Don’t be impulsive…” Feng Xuanyi hastily pulled Ye Wanwan backside.
“It senses a little like I’m dreaming… Almost everything struck too suddenly.” Apply of Roses considered Ye Wanwan while he reported, “In truth, I didn’t plan to a.s.sa.s.sinate you now. Basically If I want to a.s.sa.s.sinate you, I wouldn’t have chosen the Fearless Alliance when the area. I merely wished to understand whether you had been part of the Steer Brand and if you wanted to injure the Nie friends and family or maybe not. However… I’m grateful I originated here nowadays. Generally If I were required to choose, I select to consider Feng Xuanyi. All things considered, we’ve known the other person for numerous years and traveled to h.e.l.l and back. Feng Xuanyi wouldn’t rest in my experience.”
That night time, Ye Wanwan and Mist of Plants attentively listened to Feng Xuanyi’s prepare and couldn’t assistance but clap in amazement at the conclusion.
Ye Wanwan nodded with pleasure. Decent, he was still salvageable and wasn’t mindless beyond cure.
“Key in,” Ye Wanwan named out.
“What’s the issue?” Ye Wanwan set over the doc.u.ment she was looking at and centered on Very first Elder.
“Chief executive, there’s someone coming from the Ling friends and family here to determine you,” 1st Elder responded.
“A recluse naturally offers fantastic strategies,” Feng Xuanyi explained in reaction.
“Um, precisely what should I do now?” Apply of Roses viewed Ye Wanwan.
“What’s the challenge?” Ye Wanwan inserted along the doc.u.ment she was looking through and dedicated to Very first Elder.

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